The programme of talks, presentations, panels, workshops and breakthrough sessions, is designed around three specific streams, each containing a range of inter-related tracks to explore current challenges to be solved, and opportunities to be exploited, by leveraging AIforGood.


The three main streams of the official programme are:

  • 01/

    AI for Everyone

    will present and discuss perspectives related to the impact of AI on the citizen and what we need to consider, optimize and protect against as we hurtle towards an AI-shaped economy. This stream will explore issues such as the importance of inclusive design, algorithmic accountability and corporate responsibility in the development and application of AI. It will also tackle the thorny issue of ‘Trusting AI’ with a view to better understanding the importance of ethics and regulation to ensure AI benefits humanity. This includes ensuring a broad distribution of benefits, safety, cooperation and technical excellence and defining recommendations on the contribution that Ireland, Irish industry and academia can make.

  • 02/

    Future of Work & Education

    is a core part of the AIforGood Global Visions in Sligo as it will tackle many of the fears (and myths) being propagated around future employment as well as the capacity for businesses and organisations to survive and thrive in an AI economy. This stream will explore therefore many of the expected societal impacts of AI technology to the area of work and employment, including the importance of humanizing tech and the opportunities to harness and optimize human-machine collaboration. These sessions will include in-depth discussions on the evolution of jobs and the workplace as well as looking closely at the central issue of how we future proof education so that it is fit-for-purpose in an AI world.

  • 03/

    Future Ready

    is the stream that will get down to the nuts and bolts of harnessing AI for a better society and will look at equipping the public and private sectors, from local government to agriculture, manufacturing and health, to accelerate their progress to delivering services and products in a digitized world whilst achieving growth that is sustainable and bringing benefits to society. Substantive discussions and presentations will include tracks on building a Smart Cities framework as applied to Ireland and its regions. Using the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as our global framework we will run workshops and breakthrough sessions to address the impact and opportunities of present-day disruptive technologies such as autonomous vehicles, AI and blockchain; the role of AI in the future of manufacturing and health (including wellness-in-the-workplace), agriculture and aquaculture, energy and climate action.

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